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If on reading their messages you find that the person is depressed then you can motivate them. A small effort of yours can save them from being depressed. If your kid is like them then spying on them becomes essential to help them. Nowadays many useful applications are designed to make things easy for the users.

Best Spy Apps for Android and iPhone 12222

Spy apps are also developed to prevent any illegal activities around you. Any person who thinks that there is the need of keeping a watch over the people around them can download the FreePhoneSpy. View Features FreePhoneSpy. Follow the procedure to read their messages secretly. Spy apps work very fast and give the real-time information to the user.

Use a free trial version to know how exactly the app works. In this way, you can spy text messages for free.

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Comments Rating 5 2 reviews. Below is an important warning and then some trusted apps you can try. All other usage is by your choice, and you should accept and bear the consequences alone should you get in serious trouble with the law.

Free mobile tracker. Sign up free.

This is our best spy app to keep tabs on your kids SMS chats and location yet. The app can not only monitor the SMS activities on the phone but also the location of the phone, call logs among many other details. The best part you are going to love about this app is that you will be able to get an email notification for every incoming call or text message so that you can keep eyes on your other phone and know exactly what is going down.


This is the ultimate best secret SMS app on Android to spy on text messages that keep you in the loop at all times around the clock. Monitor call SMS location is not free but does come with a three day free trial period so you can first preview it before buying. SMS tracker might as well be the stealthiest of all apps on this list, but not the Google play store version. As a rule, all apps on the store cannot behave like spyware and have to show an icon in the notifications to demonstrate that they are running in the background.

Therefore the version of SMS tracker available in the Google play store is no exception.

This makes less of a secret SMS spying app because one might discover it and uninstall it locking you out of their phone. There is a disguised version of the app available at smstracker. This is the better version to have even though some good antivirus apps can detect its presence and will warn you while installing the app.

How to spy on Android text messages?

If you recently switched to the Android from iOS and you are wondering whether there are any useful spyware in here too, this is for you! This app will make you feel at home on the Android platform since you are likely to have already encountered its iPhone counterpart on the other side. You can even go through their browser history to see what they have been up to online and who they are communicating with out there.

It is better to prevent than to cure. Detecting that your kid is headed for the city of disaster early enough could save their lives. The coolest feature on this app is the fact that you can view each and every message that was sent and received and view all call logs even if your kid deletes them! On top of all this, it features a call recorder that records all conversations and uploads these to your account online so you can listen to them or even download them for safe keeping.

With this app, you can totally be in every conversation that your child has on social media including Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, and much more. It is the ultimate spy app for your parental control needs. Additionally, you can also monitor emails and view calls as they come in.

This app is so powerful; you can do virtually anything on the phone remotely. You can even scroll through their contacts or take a photo from their phone without even being within a hundred mile from their location. This app is the real deal with its only downside being the obscenely expensive cost.

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Plus, there are no monthly charges or otherwise, it is a one-time purchase. With the internet as dangerous and malicious as it can get, here is one more app that will help you sleep better tonight knowing that your kid is safe.

SMS Text Messages Spy - Track SMS Text Messages for Free

This app provides an additional layer of protection to shield your kid from serious dangers in the internet world of lies. The app is entirely disguised and will not embarrass you in front of your own kid as many parents have found themselves too often. In addition to monitoring text messaging activities of your children on their Android phone, you can also check the web browsing habits and the games they are playing.

The iKeyMonitor Android app offers you the power to record all text messages on the phone, chats, web history and even take screenshots and send them to your email for close monitoring. In addition to these surveillance techniques, you can also pinpoint the location of the phone using GPRS services. This way you can keep a protective eye on you little one without necessarily appearing to be paranoid or infringing on their privacy.